Being comfortable in the gym

by aimeeleann

Are you a female and lack fitness due to insecurities at the gym? Well keep reading babes for some helpful tips I used my first sessions!

 So not all of us are able to get a personal trainer to guide us on the “How to” do the workouts correctly so we do not injure ourselves.. but let’s be real. We are more worried if we “look dumb”. Probably why you see men in the gym more than women amiiiright?!! This needs to change! 

You will never be happy if you continue to stay in your comfort zone.”

Heres some tips that really helped me!

1. Create a game plan!! SUPER important, you dont want to walk into a gym lost and wondering what you should do next.. pick a body part to workout and choose 3-5 exercises that focus on that particular body part. WRITE IT DOWN! For example: Back/bicep -4 exercises chosen, write down how many sets and reps of each exercise.

2. Google is your best friend. Once you picked your workouts for the day, google each one and watch a video on how to do the workout correctly. Once you watch the video you will know if you are able to do that workout or not, If not. Pick a new one that you know you are able to do.

3. Scope out the place first! It is so helpful to know where the machines are. usually they are all set up in sections like arms, legs, abs etc. If its your first time or your you still don’t quite know your way around. Get on a cardio machine preferably any machine that over looks a good area & start looking around for signs on where everything is located. we all know how to walk, run & ride a bike, so scope it out ladies!

4. Always bring your sickest beats!! Aka Head phones! It’s easy to get lost in yourself with your own jams & it’s easy to get distracted and notice the people around you when you are not wearing head phones.

 Three tips I learned, and now I walk into every gym like it’s my home!

Do not let your mind talk you out of the things you need to do, and keep you from achieving your goals. Having a good mindset is the biggest challenge in fitness because everything falls on you, if you are not doing the work or putting in any effort.. It will show. We love fitness because of the way it makes us feel and look. We as humans strive to be the best version of ourselves and we are constantly adapting to everything in life. So it’s a self conscious type of hobby/sport. It’s hard to have the self-confidence to step into a gym, but its also hard being overweight, uncomfortable in your own body, and lack of energy is hard too. Choose your hard.

Pick a body part you want to improve to start.

Chose your type of workouts, sets and reps! Write it down!

Get on a cardio machine and scope out different areas in the gym so you have a plan on where to go next!

Put on those sick beats & crush your fitness goals! Good luck! 


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