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Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on spray tanning services while waking at 5am just to get your top coat for every show?! Well babes keep reading to start using the best of the best, PRO TAN DIY full size competition color kit. After finally trying out the PROTAN DIY kit I will never ever go back! I kid you not, this is amazing, super convenient, easy & saves you time and $$!



Step 1: One week before show day, start exfoliating your entire body with the “Get Buffed”! Exfoliate up until 4 days pre show.

Step 2: Shave entire body the day you start your first coat. Shave every inch of your body from your neck down! Not shaving will cause a muddy look with your tan.

**Do not use the tanning solution straight out of the bottle, always pour your base/super dark coat into a bowl. Dip your mitt (provided in DIY kit) into bowl, ring out excess liquid, then apply.

Step 3: Apply the Overnight competition base coat starting 3 days before show day. Start at the ankles and work your way up! Skip your hands & feet, this step is last last! Let the tan soak on skin for 4-6 hours, rinse off. Do not use any soap, cleanser or scrubber. Use water and your hands only.

Step 4: Morning before show day! Mix your overnight base coat with the super dark comp color. Apply this as your 2nd coat! Sleep in this tan! DO NOT WASH OFF!

Step 5: SHOW DAY! Apply the Instant top coat starting at the ankles, work your way up! This is a foaming solution, no need to pour out. Use directly from the bottle. Tan your hands & feet last using the remaining tanning solution on your mitt.

BOOM! Ya just did your own tan & I bet you look BOMB!!

Note: You may not need 2 base coats depending on your skin tone, some start applying base coat/super dark 2 days before show day.


*Bring all black bed sheets so your tan doesn’t ruin hotel bedding!

*Bring a ton of hand gloves, double up! The tan will eventually seep through!

*Bring a plastic container to pour tanning solution inside.

*Bring your own towels for clean ups!

*Do not tan hands/feet until show day morning!

Watch DIY How To: Video down below!

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